10 Best Treatments for Dry Hair 2020

A typical adult human’s body is composed of anywhere between 60% and 70% water. This is necessary because most – if not all – of our bodily functions, organs, and body parts require moisture and hydration to operate properly. Many are surprised to learn that even the parts of our bodies that seem dry actually need just as much hydration. Your hair, for instance, requires much more moisture than it seems.

Hair that’s left without the proper hydration will become coarse, difficult to manage, and prone to damage. So if you’re struggling with straw-like hair, investing in the best treatment for dry hair will help bring back your locks’ lustrous shine.

Top 10 Dry Hair Treatments Chart

Choosing the Best Products for Treating Dry Hair

Countless formulations and products have popped up in the market to help people address dry hair in the best way possible. While the vast variety of options can make it feel like a struggle to make the right choice, it also helps guarantee that you will find a reliable product among the ones available to you.

In choosing the best products for dry hair, be sure to consider these main factors.

  • Main Ingredients. Dry hair treatments use different ingredients than your typical shampoo or conditioner might incorporate; this is because dry hair is a very specific problem that needs unique ingredients to resolve.

Among the most important ingredients you should keep an eye out for are natural and essential oils. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different essential and natural oils that can be incorporated into hair care treatments to lock in moisture. While each of these oils can benefit your hair, there are a few that work much better than others do.

Argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil are all most commonly incorporated into treatments for dry hair. These ingredients are absorbed into each strand and work to moisturize to achieve healthier hair.

  • Formulation. Some ingredients that are commonly found in hair care products can cause more harm than good in terms of moisturizing hair. For instance, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) which works as a surfactant and creates lather that shampoos and soaps are known for. For people with dry hair, SLS can cause greater dryness issues.

While many statistics suggest that consumers are more likely to feel “clean” with a product that produces more foam and lather, there’s very little evidence that supports that idea.

In fact, foam doesn’t help with cleaning hair at all, and simply indicates which parts of your hair have been scrubbed and which haven’t. The worst part of all this is that SLS dries out hair even more and may cause residue to be left behind throughout your hair and scalp.

Reading labels and learning more about each product you find listed on the packaging will help you steer clear of a formulation that might not work well for your needs.

  • Type of Treatment. From shampoos to conditioners, leave on creams, and hair masks, there’s a type of dry hair treatment for everyone. Efficacy can change slightly depending on the type of treatment, but choosing the best one for you will ultimately rely on your preference.

Hair masks are often used a few times every week after washing your hair. They’re deeply moisturizing compared to other products but can also be tedious to use.

Leave on creams are easy, convenient, and simple to use, and can be applied virtually whenever you need it. The only problem that some users have with leave on creams is that they can cause an uncomfortable sticky feeling, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Shampoos and conditioners are the least effective and take a lot more time to repair dryness; this is because they incorporate lots of other ingredients for the purpose of cleaning your hair, which could limit their effects in terms of hydration. The upside is that because you’re likely to use them on a daily basis, you can be sure to experience positive changes with time.

Top 3 Best Treatment for Dry Hair Reviews

Made predominantly from Argan oil, this all-natural product is often regarded as the best treatment for dry hair. Its thick pasty consistency efficiently coats all the strands of your hair and seeps deep into the roots to provide well-needed moisture and nourishment.

With each use, Cailily Life Argan Oil Hair Mask makes hair much easier to manage, smoother, and softer for a healthy and vibrant glow. The formulation is also free from harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and fragrances that could further damage dry hair.

Infused with a powerful combination of argan oil and macadamia oil, this hair mask repairs several other hair problems on top of providing you the necessary moisture and hydration.

Addressing all hair issues from damage to thinning, and of course, severe dryness, this all around product is the ideal option for users who need a multi-purpose solution in one reliable package.

Arvazallia Professional Series Fortifying Protein Hair Mask is free from parabens and sulfates, ensuring that the formulation won’t cause any more unwanted dryness.

Created mainly from argan oil, this product is another top choice that comes from Arvazallia. Their Professional Series Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask deeply conditions and hydrates hair from roots to tips for complete health and radiance.

This hydrating argan oil hair mask features the same rich, thick consistency of their Fortifying Protein Hair Mask, and penetrates deeply into each strand of hair to lock in moisture, smooth coarse locks, and make hair more manageable.