17 Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, Because Sharing Your Baby News

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You’re expecting! Congratulations! What might be even more exciting than announcing your big news is how you choose to announce it. Sharing your pregnancy is a big freaking deal, and it can be just as memorable for you as it is for your nearest and dearest friends and family. Now, you could choose to send a text or FaceTime a call with your inner circle and let them know you’re expecting. But let’s be real: That’s a little boring. It’s way more entertaining and satisfying to surprise your partner, parents, and friends with creative and fun ways to announce your pregnancy.

So if you’re looking for ideas — from funny pregnancy announcement ideas to pregnancy announcement ideas for your partner, or pregnancy announcement ideas for your family — look no further. We’ve got you covered. Check out our ideas below.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Husbands & Partners

  1. Surprise your partner by laying out a t-shirt with “Daddy” on it. While he’s trying to figure out if that’s his new nickname in bed, stroll in wearing your matching “Mommy” shirt. Even better, you can hold a onesie that says “Baby.” That should make things clearer.
  2. Create a scavenger hunt with each clue getting your partner closer and closer to discovering your positive pregnancy test.
  3. Do a gender swap pic. Have your hubby pose with a big bump while you hide yours with a baggy shirt and come up with a funny line. “We’re expecting!” or “What to Expect When He’s Expecting” are all winning ideas.
  4. Bake your partner’s favorite cake and, just before you cut it, serve them up the news with a telling “We’re having a baby” cake topper.
  5. Want to go for something sweet and romantic? Snap a close-up pic of you and your partner clasping hands while holding onto a pair of baby shoes. To really drive the hint home, add a cute phrase. Suggestion: “And baby makes three!”
  6. Surprise your partner with a big box. They’ll be so excited that you gifted them a present of… baby stuff! Include stuffies, diapers, and little shoes.

For Family & Friends

  1. Frame your first ultrasound picture and give it to your parents with a sweet note: “Now we get to know what it’s like to be parents.”
  2. Hand your parents a cup of coffee in a mug that reads “Best Grandparents Ever,” and then spill your news over some java and cookies.
  3. Send your parents a cute poetic text: “Roses are red, violets are blue, on (INSERT DUE DATE), your grandbaby is due!”
  4. Know the gender of your baby? You might want to snap a photo of your ultrasound pic surrounded by baby girl or baby boy clothes and toys. That’ll make it easy to send it out to friends and fam.
  5. Talk about an egg-citing breakfast idea! This one is perfect is both partners and grandparents. In the morning, serve them up some hard-boiled eggs and write on the shells, “We’re egg-specting!”

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. Get creative on social media by posting a photo of an empty wine glass with your ultrasound pic inside. The caption? “Can’t fill this glass for another 9 months!”
  2. Share a silly pic with you and your partner in the car with a big yellow sign in one of the windows. Its classic message? “Baby on board!”
  3. Are you parents to a fur baby? Arrange a photoshoot with your pet wearing a customized t-shirt that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” If you want to up the comedic factor, you can have your pup pose in front of a chalkboard that reads “Only Child” crossed out with “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” above it.
  4. Already a mom of a few little ones? Snap a photo of you and your family having a hilariously chaotic family moment while you look shocked at a pregnancy test. Caption it with “Here we grow again!”
  5. Have a loved one who’s a wine snob? Surprise them with a personalized bottle label: “You’ll have to drink this one yourself — because we’re having a baby!” Or something equally obvious and funny.
  6. Calling all social media junkies! Find a matte frame you can place around your first ultrasound picture. On the frame, write “Baby’s First Selfie.”

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