5 Haircuts That Are Relatively Easy to Do Yourself

If you’re transitioning from a relaxer, you can best see the line of demarcation between your relaxed and natural textures after you shower. Use scissors to get rid of the relaxed part, and then fully blow out the rest of your hair, so you have an accurate line and can do a precision cut.

[Start with a pair of clippers like the Wahl Combo Pro Styling Kit, which comes with guide combs in sizes (1/8″-inch 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch) that attach, which help prevent mistakes. Start with a four (a medium length of 1/2-inch from the scalp) or five (a slightly longer cut at 5/8-inch) guide,] clipping around the nape of the neck and the perimeter around the ears. Cruise your clippers up to the back of your head where it starts to curve, and cut up to where your temple is, above your ear to the front. Cut up as high as your head begins to curve. Use a mirror to look at the back periodically, deciding whether you want to move up to a shorter-length guard of three (3/8-inch). Remember: Start with longer guards, as you can always go shorter later.

Then, if you’re daring, Dickey recommends taking off the guard and shaping your cut lightly with your clipper, freehand. Think of shaping your eyebrows, and use that same delicate, nuanced accuracy. Take off any excess, especially pulling your ears down to clip errant pieces of hair behind them. You can even fade your hair with a one or a two guide, or line your hair, which Dickey says the Wahl Peanut clippers are great for. “I like using the point of the hairline to the ear to make one line, and then you can do these basic lines, like a cross shape for instance,” he explains. “You’re dragging your clippers over like you would to draw on an eyebrow, going from the tip of your sideburn area.”

Styling the top of your tapered cut could involve slicking it back or to the side, pompadouring it, mohawking it, combing or teasing it forward, or shaping it with the clippers.

“Don’t be too alarmed if you don’t like your pixie [at first] because hair grows about a quarter-inch to half an inch a month,” Dickey says. “In a week or two, no one’s going to see your skin fade that you went too short on.”

The Deep Parallel Point Cut (DPPC)

Best for hair types: Type 1 (straight), Type 2 (wavy)