8 Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Actually Want To

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Baby shower gifts are cool and all, but have you ever LOL’d during a super fun baby shower game? Anyone? Bueller? Okay, we’ll admit it: Baby shower games have gotten a bad reputation. But that’s probably because most of us have been playing the same (sorta lame) baby shower games over and over again. They’re the ones that were passed on from our moms who knew them from their mothers, etc. No wonder some baby shower games can be as stale as a dirty diaper.

Because no one wants to be the mommy hostess with the worst baby shower games — not to mention those awkward silences — we’ve rounded up our favorites, from co-ed baby shower games that all your guests will enjoy, to baby shower games for large groups. We also included a few hilarious baby shower games for men that’ll make even the most reluctant attendee crack a smile. These games will put the “show” into shower and help welcome your baby’s arrival.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

Pregnant Twister

Here’s a twist: Have everyone wear faux pregnant baby bellies while playing Twister. This can be especially enjoyable for a co-ed baby shower. After all who doesn’t want to see their partner’s fake preggo belly? Give guests pillows that are weighted down with tape and ankle weights. The last one standing wins.

The Price Is Right

Kids are pricey, but just how pricey are they? Prep a list of baby items and specific quantities (example a box of 100 diapers or a stroller) and total their retail price before the shower. Then share the items on a sheet of paper and make enough copies for all your guests. Have each guest write down the price for each item and then have them total their guesses. Whoever gets closest to the correct total without going over wins. If you want to make this game even more exciting, you could turn it into a battle of the sexes — whichever side gets the most prices right wins a cash prize.

Guess the Baby Food

Ah, yes, this old classic. If you don’t know the drill, you’ll have to get an array of different jarred baby food flavors. Slap a piece of paper over the actual flavor to obscure it, and jot a number on the lid. Now, have the mama-to-be eat a spoonful from each mystery jar and try to guess what she’s eating. To make this even more fun for a co-ed crew, you can have couples compete as a team or feed the baby food to each other.

Baby Shower Games For Large Groups


A neat party game that can also fill baby’s closet. Divide guests into teams or couples (whatever works) and set them up with a blank onesie that they have to decorate with stencils, non-toxic paints, and iron on stickers. No one wins in this game except for baby who will have a closet filled with creative and memorable onesies.

Name That Tune

Prepare by making a fun playlist with songs that have the words “baby” or “babe” in them (there will be a lot to choose from, don’t worry). Mix them up from oldies to classic ’90s hit to stuff the Gen Z kids like. Then during the shower play each song for five to ten seconds each. Have your guests guess which song is playing and name the title and artist. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

You Can’t Say That!

At the beginning of the shower choose one word that is forbidden to be spoken throughout the shower. It could be “baby” or “mom” or something less challenging. Anyone who is caught using the word is out of the game. The last person standing wins!

Baby Shower Games for Men

Diaper Changing Relay Race

Ready, on your mark, set — change that baby! Here’s one that’s sure to get your guy’s competitive nature going. Set up a few changing stations with baby dolls, complete with diapers, wipes, and baby powder. Divide guests into even teams with each member having to remove the diaper and clean and powder it before putting on a new one. Then they need to run back to their team and hand it off to the next person in line. The first team to have all their members change the baby’s diaper wins.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Baby showers are typically all about the mommy but what about Daddy? Offer guests a sheet of paper with questions about the daddy-to-be. Whether it’s their middle name, how they take their coffee, or their favorite sport. Whoever has the most correct answers win.