9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Many of us know the feeling when we’ve gone too far with hair dye and styling after a while. Sometimes it comes from a bad salon experience, and other times it can be due to too many treatments that hurt our hair. Either way, the outcome of fried and frizzy hair isn’t fun. And, it’s easy to feel down when our hair isn’t looking its best.

9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Luckily, there are several ways to treat damaged hair and regain the smooth and silky consistency we all love. These tips are sure to get your hair back to looking great, and more importantly, give you back the confidence you deserve!

1. Condition, condition, condition

DIY Deep Hair Conditioner | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

DIY Deep Hair Conditioner | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged HairIt may seem obvious, but deep conditioning should be your first step to getting moisture and health back into your hair. While there are plenty of drugstore hair masks, it’s incredibly easy to make one of your own.

Ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter are amazing moisturizers—and, we even have a deep conditioner recipe ready for you that will soothe your hair and leave it smelling sweet!

2. Train your hair to go “no-poo”

Although tempting, when you wash your hair every day, it gets greasier faster. Washing your hair essentially strips the scalp’s natural oils, causing it to produce more oil. But, by starting slow and only washing your hair every other day (and using dry shampoo), your hair will get used to it and slow oil production so you won’t feel the need to wash quite as often.

It may seem rough at first, but trust me, after a few weeks your hair will love your for it! And to help you get used to the idea, we have some beautiful second (or third) day hair styles for you to try out.

3. Make oils your new best friend

No brainer here—fried hair needs nourishment. Certain oils like coconut oil, marula oil, and argan oil contain the fatty acids your hair needs to repair itself. You can apply oils to damp or dry hair, or even leave on damp hair wrapped up overnight.

Coconut Conditioner Hair Mask | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged HairCoconut Conditioner Hair Mask | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair4. Make a special hair rinse

Although it’s important to not overdo it with fried hair, there are some amazing rinse recipes to gently take care of your hair in the shower. Apple cider vinegar works wonders as a rinse to smooth hair cuticles, and all it takes is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a 1/2 cup of water. The acidity from the vinegar seals the outermost layer of your hair and will help your frizzy, fried hair lay smooth and flat.

Clarifying Hair Rinse | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged HairClarifying Hair Rinse | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair5. Cut down on heat

I know it’s tough, but the truth is, heat damages our hair. I’m not saying throw away the straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons, but it’s a good idea to scale back on how much you’re using them. There are plenty of styles you can rock that don’t require heat and emphasize your natural beauty!

6. Limit chemicals and dye

If you’ve really fried your hair, your best bet is to give your hair a break from unnecessary chemicals for a while. Just like heat, adding extra chemicals to your hair routine can cause further damage. But, if you really can’t go without your beloved hair dye, discuss safer options with your stylist, like ammonia-free and demi-permanent alternatives.

7. Don’t skip haircuts!

Even if you want to grow out your hair, it’s important to trim your hair about every 6-8 weeks, according to most stylists. Trimming your hair removes dead ends and promotes strong growth, and even if you only take a 1/2 inch off, it’s better than nothing! Talk with your stylist about a happy medium that will help you keep your length and ensure healthy hair.

8. Protect your hair from the sun

Hair Wrap to Protect from the Sun | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Hair Wrap to Protect from the Sun | 9 Hair Treatments for Damaged HairNot only can the sun damage our skin, it can also damage and fry our hair. It can even make color fade quicker and thin hair. So, next time you’re sitting out in the sun for an extended period of time, tie on a head scarf! Try one of our 13 tried and tested ways to rock a head scarf. Your hair will thank you, and you’ll look chic and stylish at the same time!

9. Up your vitamin intake and eat right

Outer beauty starts from within, and getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals is an essential part of maintaining shiny, healthy hair. Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and omega-3 fatty acids are absolute musts to incorporate into your diet—and not just for hair reasons, of course.

Our pesto-baked salmon recipe is a perfect and delicious way to load up on key nutrients for repairing damaged hair. Bonus: there’s a delicious salted caramel coconut ice cream recipe at the end, and coconut is also amazing for your hair.