Easy Painted Rock Garden Markers

Painted Rock Garden Markers (Easy Design) – Happy HooligansTIP: A hair dryer will speed up the drying process for this step and the dots and lettering. “}]},{“@type”:”HowToStep”,”url”:”https://happyhooligans.ca/painted-rock-garden-markers/#how-to-step-1593260229699″,”name”:”Add Decorative Dots”,”itemListElement”:[{“@type”:”HowToDirection”,”text”:”Dip the end of your paintbrush into some white paint and make dots all around the edges of your rock. Vary the size of your dots by dipping once and making several dots that decrease in size before re-dipping in the paint. Allow to dry fully before adding lettering.”}]},{“@type”:”HowToStep”,”url”:”https://happyhooligans.ca/painted-rock-garden-markers/#how-to-step-1593260083297″,”name”:”Add Lettering”,”itemListElement”:[{“@type”:”HowToDirection”,”text”:”With a fine liner brush, write the name of the herb, vegetable or plant across your rock. If you’re not comfortable doing this freehand you may want to practice on a piece of paper first. You can also lightly pencil your letters on your stone and paint over them with the white paint.

When painting lettering, it can help to thin your paint with a drop of water first. Then load your brush up and try to complete each stroke without lifting your brush. Allow your lettering to dry before varnishing. “}]},{“@type”:”HowToStep”,”url”:”https://happyhooligans.ca/painted-rock-garden-markers/#how-to-step-1593260090763″,”name”:”Varnish”,”itemListElement”:[{“@type”:”HowToDirection”,”text”:”Brush with a coat of varnish and allow to dry overnight before placing in your garden. “}]}],”inLanguage”:”en-US”}]}]]>