My Dream Baby Shower! – With Love, Leena

Hi lovelies! It’s Leena’s sister Amanda writing this post! 🙂 I was so excited when Leena asked me to write this because planning her baby shower was so much fun, and I’m dying to share all the planning details with you guys! Leena knew when and where the shower was happening, but other than that it was a complete surprise. Keep reading for all the party planning details!

We celebrated baby girl on July 11, 2020 through an intimate lunch with close family at our parent’s house. Even though this celebration was small, we wanted to go big on decor. Lushra went above and beyond with the balloons for this baby shower. They took my idea and completely brought it to life and made it better than anything we could’ve asked for! They do beautiful installations for special events and also sell over-the-top DIY kits. Use code Leena10 to get 10% off your own DIY kit on their website!

We moved all of the furniture out of the formal dining area and replaced it with round-top tables and chiavari chairs. The main dining table held the charcuterie board and desserts. The cherry blossom arrangement is probably my favorite piece of the whole shower! And the best part is that they’re faux so we will definitely be reusing them. I’ll link all of the decor including Leena’s welcome sign, custom Baby Snoubar cake topper, and macaron tower below!

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The one thing Leena said she wanted at her baby shower was games, so we put together 3 different games and had 3 gift cards for the winners! Here are the 3 games we played:

  1. “How many peanut m&m’s are in the baby bottle?” contest! We filled a huge baby bottle with peanut m&m’s and everyone took their guess at how many were in it. There were 406 and the winner chose 400!
  2. Measure the bump! We gave everyone a super long piece of yarn and everyone had to guess how big Leena’s bump was. We compared all the strings to find the winner!
  3. 30 seconds to remember! We bought a ton of random pink items from the dollar store for this game. It included a pregnancy test, scrunchies, lipstick, and the most random pink items that we could find. We scattered them over a table and gave everyone 30 seconds to look at it. Then everyone had to write down as many items as they could remember. The person with the most correct items was the winner!


Photography: Inaya C. Photography