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Pakistani Urdu Recipes app have the best collection of Pakistani Urdu Recipes .The most delicious handpicked , mouthwatering , all recipes of food dishes are available in one app. Pakistani Urdu Recipes have 1100+ delicious food recipes . All Recipes are available offline in Urdu. If you are a food lover , fast food lover , tasty food lover just try Pakistani Urdu Recipes . Recipes in this Pakistani Urdu Recipes app are so delicious. This Pakistani Urdu Recipes app will guide you step by step how to cook these Pakistani Recipes.

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We will try our best to cover every type of Pakistani, Indian, Italian, Desi, Inter-continental Food Recipes & Cooking Tips & Tricks in Pakistani Urdu Recipes app in future updates.
Pakistani Food Recipes have a deep history of food industry
Pakistani Urdu Recipes app provides the top one Recipes in Urdu
Food Recipes are available from different categories in app like:
More than 1100 of Pakistani Urdu Recipes :

 Ramazan Special
 Chicken (All Recipes)
 Mutton / Beef (All Recipes)
 Sabziyan / Vegetables (Dishes)
 Vegetable Salad
 Fruit Salad
 Seafood Salad
 Chinese Vegetable Dishes
 Achar / Pickle
 Chutney Recipes
 Sauces / Ketchup
 Raita Recipes
 Jelly Recipes
 Jam / Marmalade
 Murabba Recipes
 Biryani / Pulao / Dumpukht
 Zarda / Meethe Chawal
 Chinese Food
 Snack / Fast Food
 Chaat / Fruit Chaat
 Dahi Bhally / Dahi Baray
 Ice Cream
 Drinks / Juices / Sharbat / Milkshakes / Sakanjabeen
 Mithaiyan / Confect / Sweets
 Custard/Kheer/Halwa/Gajreela/Rass Malai/Sheer Khurma/Sawiyyan/Khoya
 Sindhi Biryani
 Chicken Pulao
 Stoo Biryani Recipe
 Tikka Biryani
 Sajji Bryani
 Dam Beryani
 Beef Biriyani
 Chinese Biryani
 Chatpati Karachi Biryani
 Yakhni Biryani
 Easy Bombay Biryani
 Salty Steam Chicken
 Smoked Chicken
 Chicken Makhni Handi
 Chicken Malai Boti
 Special Chicken
 Chicken Khichd,
 Chicken Reshmi Kabab
 Malai Seekh Kabaab
 Chicken Kabab
 Russian Kabab
 Chicken Seekh Kabab
 Chicken Spaghetti Cutlas
 Nargisi Shami Kabab
 Turkish Kabab
 Dum Kabab
 Karahi Gosht
 Balochi Karahi
 Lahori Chicken Karahi,
 Shinwari Karahi
 Murgh Haleem
 Chicken Khichr
 Achari Kofta Handi,
 Chinese Chicken Kofta
 White Qorma
 Kahsmiri Chicken Qorma
 Chicken Korma special
 Yougurt Chicken
 Chicken Nihari
 Anda Nihari
 Corn Flakes Chicken Nuggets
 Chicken Nuggets
 Chicken Macaroni Chana Chat
 Spicy Pasta
 Chicken Beanz Honey Pasta
 Keto Pizza
 Chicken Macaroni And Chicken Pasta
 Chicken Pizza
 Chicken Pulao
 Chicken Samosa, Rolls,Pakora
 Chicken Soup
 Grilled Chicken And barbecue
 White Chicken
 Dum Pukht Chicken, Shinwari Chicken
 Mutton Gosht And Beef Gosht
 Beef Steak
 Gosht Ke Kabab
 Keema Spaghetti, Noodles
 Mutton Champ, Beef Champ And Fried Gosht
 Tikka And Bbq
 Mutton Keema And Beef Keema
 Kaleji K Pakwan
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