Pregnancy Core Exercises, Third Trimester |

Pregnancy Core exercises Pregnancy Core exercises

Here are 2 safe and specific core exercises that you can do at any stage during your pregnancy. They are both particularly effective during the third trimester when you can no longer lie for long periods on your back. 


You can perform the exercises 3-4 times a week.

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Raised Slideouts: Muscle Focus – Core and Upper Body


Try and ensure you keep your pelvis still and contract your core (transverse and Pelvic Floor) as you exhale and slide out.

Perform 10-16 slides in total.


Pregnancy Core Exercises Pregnancy Core Exercises


Bent Knee Side Planks: Muscle Focus – Core and Upper Body


Start with your elbow directly under the shoulder and imagine you are being pulled upwards from your waist.
Again contract your core muscles correctly, exhaling when you plank up.





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