Throat hurts when I breathe

So about a week ago I noticed that sometimes when I breathe in my throat hurts. I thought it was because I was taking too deep of breathes. But sometimes breathing in really deep doesn’t do it. At least a moderate breath does, so I have been breathing really shallow. Its not really painful, but its mostly scary. Scary because I get the hint that it might be cancer or something. I am a 20 yr old male, but I have had Hypothyroidism for a year; as far as I know. I have always wondered what causes it because according to the internet only pregnant women and cancer patients have it. When I asked the Dr she said “oh it can happen to people no big deal, just take this thyroid supplement for the rest of your life”.

I found of my Hypothyroidism because I overdosed on Vicodin and beer. I started seeing the Dr for stomach problems after that. However in that time period I would get a sharp little pain in my throat; rarely, but it was noticeable. Around this time I was also getting really sharp rectal pains and bleeding when I poo. The gloved finger thing found no hemorrhoid or anal fissure. So thats a mystery as well.

All of this has led me into believing instead of this caused by overdose, it was actually HPV and that I had acquired throat and anal cancer. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy both cost an insane amount of money, im currently unemployed and uninsured. I have also tried every government program possible, none will accept me. Even my county indigent application has been in pending process for months.

Everytime I see a Dr its a waste, they always say I need these screenings that I cannot afford. I have been suffering with these things for about 16 months. It sucks going this long thinking you’ve got some insane problems but no one believes you because you cant prove it. On the positive side though this is the healthiest ive been in this long time. Havn’t had any rectal problems in some months, stomach is doing better, and now this is the only concern.

There is no bump on my neck, it dosnt hurt when I put pressure on it, or swallow. It only hurts about 20% of the time when I take a moderate sized breath, or yawn. It is a sharp pain about in the middle of my throat. I am mostly scared because of the “Hypothyroidism” with no reason, rare sharp pain w/o breath, and the now happening pain. I have a feeling that I could have throat cancer, but I really hope this isn’t the case. Can anybody give me some insight on this?


I have tried telling a Dr this whole story, they dont care about whats happened only what is happening; apparently a persons own hypothesis is useless to them.