What Is The Best Over The Counter Muscle Relaxer?

The most common reason for missing work or limited activity for individuals these days is because of back pain. The first thing that doctors recommend in treating back pain is to prescribe medications which often include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. NSAID’s being the first in the list, otc muscle relaxant comes second in fact thirty-five percent of people were prescribed some kind of otc muscle relaxants (Spine 1998).

Muscle relaxer are drugs that eases pain, swelling, stiffness or any type of discomfort due to sprains, muscle injuries, strains and muscle spasms. But they do not really heal the defects but it can help in relieving the pain and relaxing the muscles. Over the counter muscle relaxants are quite convenient than prescribed drugs since you can easily get it anytime you want. The difference with prescribed drugs is that they are more potent thus they need to be carefully monitored by a doctor unlike muscle relaxants over the counter which you can easily buy without your doctors prescription. So that if over the counter relaxers do not work then it is time to go to your doctor for more powerful medications.

Here are some of the best over the counter muscle relaxers that are available today.


It is a muscle relaxant that lessens the severity of muscle spasms cause by conditions like multiple sclerosis. This is taken daily with or without food.


This is one of the best muscle relaxer available in the market today. This drug does not put off the development of any type of arthritis but it lessens the signs and symptoms of arthritis. It can ease fever, tenderness, swelling and pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and spondylitis. It can also provide relief from pain due to menstrual cramps.


This otc muscle relaxer is good for treating muscle spasm cause by multiple sclerosis. This is taken by mouth but should not be crushed or chewed before swallowing.


It relieves discomfort or pain due to sprains and strains. This drug though is not recommended for long use and this should be taken with full glasses of water.


This is use to cure conditions like injury or pain and skeletal muscle conditions. This is taken by mouth with or without food however if taken with food it might increase the chance of dizziness or drowsiness.


This is one drug that is clinically proven that brings long lasting pain relief to painful joints and aching muscles. It lessens inflammation, normal cell growth is promoted and restores flexibility of joints. Best thing with this is it can be taken as dietary supplement but it is important that you do not take over three capsules a day.


This drug is use in controlling epilepsy, it is also use to relieve severe pain in the cheek or jaw which is cause by facial nerve problem. This is taken daily and by mouth with or without food. You cannot stop abruptly but you have to do it slowly to decrease the risk of side effects like seizures.


It is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is use for short term medication or moderate to severe muscle pain. It can be taken alone or in combination with other medicines.

There is a lot of other over the counter muscle relaxer available but if your conditions get worst then it is best if you consult your doctor for proper medications and treatment. Muscle relaxers over the counter should not also be use for prolong period of time unless prescribed by your physician. Many individuals tend to overuse it since muscle relaxant over the counter is readily available for purchase. Just remember that otc muscle relaxers have its own undesirable effects if use for a long time so be very careful with its usage.