Winter 2020 Fashion: Must Have Coat Trends

As soon as the temperatures drop, it is urgent to find THE right coat that will keep us warm all winter and what a task it is to find the best one among the coat trends. But no need to panic, we are here to help you choose your right partner to survive this chilly weather.

This year, we are so lucky, our favorite shops are full of little nuggets. Long or short coat, wool or leather jacket, down jacket or duffle coat, the choice is wide and varied, to our delight.

But, like all seasons too, the fall winter 2020-2021 fashion trends cannot help but add their little grain of salt. What will be the essentials of your wardrobe? Take a look at what the winter coat trends have in store for us.

Among all the choices of coats, how to find the rare pearl? To find the perfect piece, we start by defining our priorities. Do you have a specific idea in mind or do you want to follow fashion trends? You can also want a color but not a specific shape, and vice versa.

A coat can also be chosen according to our morphology. If you are small and want to slim your figure, you should avoid coats that are too long and favor short shapes or over the day.

Bathrobe-shaped coats with a belt will be perfect for marking the waist. We can also belt one of our coats with a wide belt that we have in our accessories. It’s perfect for a very chic look, while avoiding overdoing it.

They are available in sober colors, such as black, brown, gray or navy blue but also more vivid shades such as pink, red, yellow and green. Prints are also featured on our winter coats and add a touch of style to our outfit. Do not forget that in winter, the coat is the flagship piece of our outfit. Obviously, since it covers us, it dresses us in its own way.

To brighten up our outfits, we leave black or too dark coats aside. White coats are certainly messier, but they pair with all other colors and are great to wear with any outfit.

Below is a collection of our favorite coat trends for this year, along with links from where to shop online.